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Dog Bite Lawyers In Ventura

Even if you have a dog and thoroughly enjoy the company of other animals, it is still possible for a random canine to attack you and cause serious personal injuries. Unfortunately, this is the case for hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Statistics also indicate that a shocking 4.7 million annual dog bite attacks will happen this year alone.

Therefore, it is probable that everyone will either be bitten or know someone who has been at some point during their life. If this has happened to you or a close loved one, it is vital to be aware that California law allows you to take action against the dog’s owner. To do this, contact a Ventura dog bite lawyer immediately.

Ventura is one of the most dog friendly cities in California, so you will definitely encounter them on a regular basis. Beaches, restaurants and many other places welcome these four-legged creatures, but it is up to each owner to be responsible enough to handle a wide variety of situations.

For example, if a poorly trained dog is not kept on a leash, they are much more likely to run off and potentially bite someone. When this lack of responsibility leads to a personal injury, a case is often filed in the local legal system.

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Have you suffered from a dog bite that has left you traumatized and physically unable to work? You deserve the very best legal representation for your case. The May Firm has won several industry awards for our high success rate and solid customer service.

We have also proven ourselves countless times during in-court and out of court settlements, which have surpassed a combined millions in damages for our clients. Some of our individual cases have been settled for $1 million or more each.

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You are much more than just a number, and we will always treat your with respect, kindness and compassion. Our local dog bite lawyers firmly understand that taking legal action can be intimidating. Therefore, we will be by your side to help guide you during every step of your case. It is our primary goal to help you receive the settlement you deserve for your personal injury.

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When you contact The May Firm, we will provide you with a free consultation. During this no obligation case review, one of our skilled attorneys will answer your questions and help you decide if you have a viable lawsuit. If you decide to move forward, we will never send you a bill unless we win your case.

We are proud to serve the entire Central Coast region, including Camarillo, Oxnard and Carpinteria. Our Ventura office is located downtown and can be easily accessed via U.S. 101.

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