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Brain Injury Lawyers in Santa Maria

This year alone, an estimated 1.7 million Americans will suffer from a traumatic brain injury. Tragically, more than 325,000 of them will be hospitalized or pass away, and the rest will be left more susceptible to issues such as depression. Because of this, it is critical for people who have received a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of an entity or individual to take action immediately to protect their legal rights.

The Santa Maria brain injury lawyers at The May Firm have a proven track record of representing these cases, and we are here to help you get a fair settlement.

Santa Maria is home to more than 104,000 people, and the road system is often congested with locals, commuters and tourists. This makes traffic and pedestrian accidents very common, which leads to a long list of personal injuries, including those that involve the brain. Also known as a TBI, a traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of accident related deaths in the U.S., and studies have found that 42 percent of TBI victims are unemployed. This means that you need to take action to protect your family and your future.

The Compensation You Deserve

It isn’t hard to find a law firm that specializes in TBI cases, but you deserve much more than just the basics. For example, when you choose The May Firm, you can be confident that we will fight tirelessly for your rights and will never treat you like a number. In fact, our entire team is fully dedicated to extending respect, compassion and kindness toward each of our clients and their family members. Unwavering integrity is another staple you can expect from our personal injury law firm.

Traumatic Brain Injury Results You Can Believe In

The May Firm has been honored several times by the local legal industry for our large settlement amounts, high winning percentage and consistently quality customer service. These awards represent the type of legal representation you will experience when you work with our team.

Additionally, we have a proven history of achieving fair settlements for our clients, both in and out of the courtroom. To date, we have amassed millions in damages and have settled a few individual cases for $1 million or more. With results like these, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with our attorneys.

No Obligation and No Charge for an Initial Brain Injury Consultation

Would you like to learn more about your legal options? A member of our team will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to help you decide if you want to file a personal injury lawsuit as a result of a TBI. We also work on a contingency basis, so you will never owe a penny unless we win your case. Our Santa Maria office is one of six convenient locations in California’s Central Coast region. Residents from the local area can visit us downtown on N. Vine Street.

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