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Dog Bite Lawyers in Santa Maria

Most people think of dogs as loyal and friendly, and this is usually true. However, approximately 4.7 million Americans are victims of dog bites each year, and this helps highlight the fact that these pets were once wild animals. When you combine that with improper training methods and lackadaisical owners, it is no wonder that dog bite attacks continue to take place at such an enormous rate.

Sadly, hundreds of thousands of people will end up hospitalized this year after an encounter with a dog. If this has happened to you, it’s important to contact a Santa Maria dog bite lawyer immediately to protect your legal rights.

Santa Maria has a few dog friendly hotels and restaurants, which enables local residents and tourists to keep their four-legged companion with them at all times. Because historic U.S. 101 goes through town, there is a large concentration of tourist and commuter traffic.

Increases the amount of dogs that are in the area at any given time, including those that find themselves in an unfamiliar area and may therefore become more easily startled and aggressive.

Santa Maria Dog Bite Lawyers with a Winning History

We understand how traumatic any type of injury can be, and this is often exacerbated when the personal injury victim was hit while riding a motorcycle. Our legal You deserve the very best for your personal injury lawsuit. This means working with a law firm that has a proven history of winning. Our firm has continuously been honored with awards from within the local legal industry.

We have also amassed millions in combined damages for our valued clients. In fact, a few of our individual cases were settled for $1 million or more. Although we cannot guarantee any specific results, we can promise that we will work just as diligently to get you a fair settlement.

Turn To A Local Santa Maria Dog Bite Lawyer

Our team of skilled attorneys are locally based. This gives us a unique insight into the needs of Santa Maria’s residents. It also means that we have extensive experience working with the local legal system. Additionally, The May Firm was created by lawyers Robert May and Garrett May. Their primary goal is to help California’s Central Coast residents receive the best representation for their personal injury cases.

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Would you like to learn more about your legal options? Contact The May Firm for a free consultation. There’s absolutely no obligation. If you decide to move forward with your case, we will work for you on a contingency basis.

We don’t require any upfront money to ensure that everyone can protect their legal rights. People from Santa Maria and the surrounding area, including Nipomo and Lompoc, can utilize our convenient downtown location.

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