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Motorcycle ACCIDENT LAWYERS IN Santa Barbara

The freedom that you experience from riding your motorcycle shouldn’t be dampened by motorists who do not pay close enough attention to the road, but the reality is that your odds of being in a serious accident increase dramatically whenever you’re on your bike.

Unfortunately, your risk of suffering from a life-altering injury is also six times higher on a motorcycle than in a car or truck. However, if someone else’s negligence has caused your personal injury, an award winning Santa Barbara motorcycle accident lawyer at The May Firm is here to help.

Santa Barbara’s roadways are frequently clogged with the traffic that is associated with commuters, tourists and more than 91,000 residents. Although many people are hard pressed to find a more enjoyable activity than riding their motorcycle near the ocean, you need to be aware that the sheer number of other vehicles that will be on the road could end up being extremely problematic.

Approximately 15 motorcyclists are seriously injured or killed in Santa Barbara every year. The good news is that California law makes it possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party.

Local Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Who Care

There are many law firms in the Santa Barbara area, but The May Firm stands apart in several important ways. For example, our founding motorcycle accident attorneys were raised in the Central Coast region, and this gives them a firm understanding of the local legal system and the unique needs of Santa Barbara residents.

Additionally, every member of our team is fully dedicated to treating each motorcycle accident injury victim with respect, compassion and kindness. When you choose The May Firm, you will never be treated like a number.

Award Winning Santa Barbara Injury Attorneys

We are proud to have been honored by the local legal industry with numerous awards due to our top-notch customer service, consistent settlements and high winning percentage. Our case results also speak for themselves, and we have accumulated millions in combined settlements for previous clients.

Some individual personal injury cases that were led by our team have been resulted in multi-million dollar settlements. We ride motorcycles ourselves and we understand the joy of riding. We are true motorcycle riders and we should be your first choice when looking for an attorney that understands the law, the passion of riding and has your best interests at heart.

Start with a Free Motorcycle Accident Case Consultation

Do you want to learn more about California’s personal injury law and how it impacts your motorcycle accident case? Contact the professional team at The May Firm for a free, no obligation consultation. If you decide to move forward with a lawsuit, we will work tirelessly on your behalf without requiring any money down. In fact, you will never receive any bills from our team unless we win your case.

Our downtown Santa Barbara office is located in the historic Fithian building and is only a few blocks from U.S. 101. We happily represent clients from Santa Barbara County and the entire Central Coast, including Solvang, Lompoc and Goleta.

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