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Trucks are a crucial part of the American economy. Unfortunately, on the roads of California and elsewhere across the United States they can be deadly. When manufacturers put profit first or when federal regulations are not taken seriously, it can be a trucking accident victim who ends up paying the price. Large commercial trucks including 18-wheeler’s or big rigs can weigh up to twenty times more than the traditional passenger vehicle. The excessive weight of large commercial trucks can cause catastrophic results in the event of a trucking accident. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, contact a local San Luis Obispo trucking accident lawyer.

Victims of San Luis Obispo trucking accidents, whether they are in or outside of the truck, are likely to be killed or sustain significant injuries including amputations, spinal injuries, brain damage, and others.  Commercial truck drivers have special safety regulations and are required to get advanced training that governs how and when they may drive. However, trucking companies or truckers sometimes ignore these laws in order to meet delivery deadlines, make more money or avoid the costs of being safe. It is the victims who sustain critical injuries as a result of when a trucker ignores legally enforced regulations; he or she places the delivery of the load higher than the importance of maintaining safety on the road. Truckers may be operating their vehicle on very little sleep. They may also take medications in order to stay awake, which could impair their ability to safely function a truck. In other situations, a trucking company may fail to maintain tires, lights, brakes or other equipment, putting not only the drivers but everyone else on the road at risk of a severe accident.

When the trucking company does not properly train its truck drivers about how to handle such a heavily weighted vehicle on various roads in diverse weather conditions, individuals such as pedestrians, other vehicle drivers and passengers, and bicyclists can be significantly hurt. In the event that you have recently been involved in an trucking accident, you need to get medical help as soon as possible.

Most Common Types of Trucking Accidents

Many trucking accidents are caused by human error on the part of a truck driver. When a driver is not appropriate paying attention or is drowsy behind the wheel, he or she may be more likely to get involved in a catastrophic car accident.

Someone who sustains injuries in an accident like this may have grounds to file a California personal injury claim against the responsible driver. It does not matter if the accident was a hit and run or it involved negligent behavior behind the wheel, the truck driver can be held liable for compromising the safety of others on the road. Drivers in California have a legal duty to put safety first. It is the victims who sustain critical injuries as a result of when a truck driver prioritizes getting a heavy truck load on time by getting distracted, driving unsafe in rough weather conditions, or being tired behind the wheel, it is the victims of the vehicle accident who sustain critical injuries and have their lives forever changed.

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One of the most challenging legal aspects of bringing forward a trucking accident in California has to do with the fact that multiple parties may share the liability for the accident. It is imperative to retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible after the accident occurs to ensure the responsible parties are held liable for the accident. For example, the truck driving company may be responsible for improperly hiring or failing to adequately train truck drivers who did not put safety first.

The driver himself or herself may be responsible for falling asleep behind the wheel or for drinking and driving while operating the motor vehicle. Furthermore, a third party may also be held responsible in a California trucking accident lawsuit if there were issues on the vehicle that were the result of defective parts or defective maintenance.

Call the Best San Luis Obispo Trucking Accident Lawyers

Do not hesitate to get the help that you need from an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident happens. You may be eligible to recover compensation such as lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering, but only by consulting with a knowledgeable lawyer who will represent you aggressively in a personal injury claim.

Given that there is so much on the line for your future as a result of a trucking accident, you should never wait to get the help that you need from a knowledgeable and dedicated trucking accident injury lawyer in San Luis Obispo who can help you recover the compensations you are due. Contact The May Firm today!

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