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Working on a construction site is notoriously one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the United States. Unfortunately, the dangerous nature of a construction site means that thousands of workers are killed or injured every single year. Construction workers make up one out of every five workplace fatalities in the United States.

These accidents happen when the safety programs and safety engineers that are obligated to work together are either negligent or absent entirely. Contact a San Luis Obispo Construction Accidents Lawyer today!

It can be very difficult trying to figure out what to do after a construction site accident. One of the first key steps a victim must take is to report the injury. If you are not yet sure of the type of injury or whether you will file a workers’ compensation claim, you do have a responsibility to let your employer know that an accident has occurred on the property.

Regardless of the type of the injury, a hurt employee is entitled to some form of compensation. Passersby may also be injured by a negligent construction site when materials fall or otherwise hurt somebody. This can lead to a construction site injury lawsuit. In the majority of situations when a construction worker is injured on the job, he or she may be eligible to pursue workers’ compensation.

Next Steps for Injured Employees

In the vast majority of situations, the worker is not eligible to sue the employer for work related injuries. However, there can be situations in which a third party is liable for negligence when an injury happens on the job site. Benefits through workers’ compensation include medical expenses and weekly payments to injured workers.

In many cases these forms of compensation may not be enough to cover the pain and suffering associated with a construction site injury.

Certain situations will assign liability to a third party for on-site job injuries. The architects, equipment manufacturers, contractors and owners of a construction site may all be held partially liable or fully liable for an accident that results from insufficient safety measures. Subcontractors and general contractors may also be held liable as they maintain a responsibility to ensure the construction site is relatively safe.

These individuals have an obligation to 1.) Ensure that all safety specifications are followed 2.) Hire and train employees who will exercise caution while working 3.) Warn individuals of possible hazards on or near the site and 4.) Coordinate job safety measures.

Furthermore, manufacturers of any construction equipment can be held responsible for failing to maintain or design safe products. Dangerous products could be held at fault in a construction accident. As with any kind of equipment used on a construction site, the chance of injury is higher compared to a typical employment situation. The higher risk of injury makes it all the more important that appropriate safety measures are followed in the production and maintenance of such equipment.

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In the event that you have been injured in an accident on a San Luis Obispo construction site due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation. Injuries from a construction accident can look extremely different from one accident compared to another accident.

However, construction site injuries all have the possibility of involving significant problems such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, disabilities, scars, disfigurements, lacerations, internal bleeding, and other major medical conditions.

Let us Help you on Your Road to Recovery

It can be very difficult for an individual who is hurt on a construction accident to get through day to day life. The individual may struggle to have his or her life ever be similar to life before the accident.

Furthermore, it can be an additional challenge for the victim of a construction site accident to return to work, especially when construction or other physical labor was his or her livelihood. It is strongly recommended to consult with an experienced San Luis Obispo construction site injury attorney.

A construction site injury attorney will be able to fully protect all of your rights and ensure that you have carefully considered all of the necessary issues. Do not hesitate to get help from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after the accident happens. Pursuing a third-party liability claim may be the only way to successfully recover compensation in line with the injury.

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