Vehicle Rollovers

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Vehicle Rollovers

California Rollover Accident Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a vehicle rollover of any type, you might need to speak with a qualified California rollover accident injury lawyer to guide you through the legal process. A lawsuit is the most effective way for you to get compensation for damages, medical costs, mental anguish and more.

The Most Common Vehicle For Rollovers

SUV’s are some of the most popular vehicles on the road today. More and more people claim that they feel safe in these exceptionally heavy vehicles. Unfortunately, most of the vehicles can be “top-heavy” and that can create an unsafe amount of rolling weight, especially on winding roads or in situations where the vehicle needs to be adjusted quickly such as impromptu lane changes or accident avoidance.

Rollover accidents are three (3) times as likely to occur in an SUV than in any other type of vehicle. Most manufacturers of utility vehicles have done extensive testing to ensure vehicle safety and reduce fatal CA rollover accidents. Even so, they might have missed something important such as weight load in a thirty degree turn (correction when running off of the road) or they may have had faulty equipment which causes the failure. Whatever the reason, you need to be aware of your rights.

In California, You Have Rights!

In California, you have rights whenever you are involved in a rollover accident. It does not matter if you were the driver of the vehicle, a passenger or even in the vehicle. Even if just your property was destroyed, you may have the legal right to sue for any damages that you may have incurred including compensation for all medical costs and even future costs. At The May Firm, you can find a great personal injury attorney team that can help you start the process and get exactly what you need. The roll over injury attorneys at The May Firm are well versed in California state laws and they know how to help you get the most for all of your suffering.

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So, whatever you do, do not sit back and wait for the company to come running to your rescue. Instead, you need to take the fight to them. Contact our office for more information aviation injuries and your rights or to talk about your situation and see if they can help you. The consultation is free so you have nothing to lose.

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