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California Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

If you fall and get hurt because of dangerous conditions in a store, restaurant, sidewalk, or other location, you might want to talk to a slip and fall lawyer who can evaluate the situation and determine whether you have a personal injury case. Many people slip on spilled liquids, trip over wires and other obstructions, or fall down due to uneven surfaces and then rush away from the scene, embarrassed and upset. You can sustain serious injuries from such incidents, and those injuries can leave you with expensive medical bills and missed days of work. Talk to a lawyer about whether you have a case. Most California slip and fall lawyers will not charge you for an initial consultation, and will only get paid if you win a settlement.

Initial Consultation with Premises Liability Attorney

At your first meeting with your slip and fall lawyer, explain what happened. The lawyer will need all the facts about the area and the incident. Almost everyone has a camera on their phone these days, so if you took pictures of the area after you fell; show them to your injury lawyer. Once your lawyer has a good understanding of what happened and where the fall occurred, he or she can determine whether someone other than you was at fault for your accident.

What to Ask Your Slip and Fall Attorney

Ask your lawyer how to go about seeking medical treatment. If you have already been treated for injuries that you sustained in your fall, give your lawyer a copy of all medical reports and bills. If you have not obtained treatment yet, find out from your lawyer where to go and how to proceed. You will also want to ask your lawyer about the next steps. The legal team will probably take care of further investigating, including visiting the scene of your fall, taking further pictures, and talking to any witnesses.

It is a good idea to ask your lawyer whether all of your medical bills will likely be covered. Your attorney will probably have a settlement figure in mind once the investigation is complete. While winning a case or a lawsuit can never be guaranteed, your attorney can often give you a best case scenario and a worst case scenario. This can help you plan your finances as you decide how to pay off any medical bills and make up for lost work time. Ask about timing as well. Depending on where your fall happened, these cases can be settled quickly or they can drag out for months.

When you have a good slip and fall lawyer on your side, making a case and agreeing on a settlement should be easy. Ask about your chances for winning, the timing, and whether there is anything else you can do or provide to help you win your case. Ask your lawyer to clarify anything you do not understand. Once you have described the fall, provided your medical reports, and listed any witnesses, let your attorney take over. Finally, make sure you consult with a lawyer as soon as the incident happens.

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