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Pedestrian Accidents

California Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

An experienced California pedestrian accident lawyer knows how to attain the maximum compensation for injuries and deaths caused by negligent drivers. Our accident lawyers have extensive expertise and knowledge in pedestrian accident cases. As a result, we have been able to recover large settlements on behalf of our clients. Whether the accident involves a truck, auto, motorcycle or bike, there are resources available to conduct the most thorough investigations and provide expert testimonies. Medical specialists in all fields are available to lend solid support of diagnosis, prognosis and, when applicable, cause of death.

California’s comparative negligence laws allow for shared responsibility between the pedestrian and the driver. This means that it’s possible to collect for damages even when the pedestrian is comparatively negligent . There may have also been contributing negligence on the part of the driver. Pedestrian accidents are complex and there are usually differing versions of what led to the accident. A thorough independent investigation is necessary to ascertain all the facts and reconstruct the accident. Our law firm investigates each case on behalf of our clients. Many times the police will prepare a report adverse to the pedestrian based solely on the statement of the driver while the injured pedestrian is unable to provide a statement. Further, we have seen cases where the statement provided by the injured pedestrian was obtained while they are in a hospital being treated for serious injuries and under the influence of narcotics provided. This leads to statements that are completely unreliable and often times the injured pedestrian does not remember speaking to the officers preparing the report.

Pedestrian Accidents Lead to Serious Injuries

Pedestrian accidents lead to very serious injuries and even death. Pedestrian accidents lead back injuries, head trauma, traumatic brain injuries and many other debilitating injuries. Many result in long-term impairment. Victims of pedestrian accidents should seek out the very best pedestrian accident attorney to represent their interests. Hit by car injuries are serious and cause many deaths. If a pedestrian hit by car dies, the survivors can file a wrongful death suit and claim monetary damages. It’s crucial to arrange an immediate consultation to determine and initiate the appropriate sequence of legal actions. Move your claim forward from start to finish with a California pedestrian accident attorney.

Pedestrians who are hit by moving vehicles are very likely to sustain severe injuries. Often, such accidents result in death. It’s not surprising when considering that most cars weigh well over a ton. The size and weight of trucks mean almost certain death for any pedestrian hit by one. Even motorcycles can be deadly depending on speed and the place of bodily impact. Bicycles, while not generally deadly when hitting pedestrians, can cause severe injuries including head trauma, broken bones and spinal injuries.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Some pedestrian car accident statistics published by the NHTSA (Nat’l Highway Transportation Safety Admin) in 2008 are evidence of the need for more awareness to be brought forward regarding pedestrian safety. According to their report, one pedestrian is killed in traffic every two hours. In addition, one pedestrian sustains injury from traffic every 8 minutes. Nearly 9 out of 10 pedestrian fatalities happen when weather is not a contributing factor.

Pedestrians can be involved in accidents that result in injury or death even when being very alert and following every rule. It’s not as easy to be a defensive pedestrian as it is to be a defensive driver. It’s much more difficult to get out of the way when there is a sudden, errant move on the part of a driver. Similarly, the body can’t take the impact of a collision with a moving vehicle the same as a car’s fender. The human body doesn’t forgive that sort of forceful contact. To learn more about pedestrian death statistics go to NHTSA’s website.
There is no way for a pedestrian to predict that a driver will step on the accelerator instead of the brake, suddenly lose control of the vehicle or fail to observe the pedestrian due to some distraction. Pedestrian death statistics are surprising. However, even when a pedestrian is somewhat negligent, the driver might still be partially negligent as well. In such cases, comparative negligence laws might be applicable.

Tips to Prevent Pedestrian Car Accidents

As pedestrians, there are a lot of potential dangers to look out for. Whether walking or jogging, any vehicle that is in motion can become an immediate threat. Beyond cars, motorcycles and bicycles, public transportation vehicles are also involved in pedestrian accidents. Taxi drivers are often distracted as they look around for the next fare or talk to their rear-seat passengers while looking in the rear-view mirror. It only takes a second of distraction for an accident to happen.

Buses sometimes pull into and out of bus stops rather sharply. They also stop beyond the perimeters of the bus stop at times, putting pedestrians beyond the bus stop at risk. Emergency vehicles pose a great risk when they are responding to a call. Police, rescue and fire vehicles sometimes forfeit safety for a better response time. Speeding to reach their destinations makes it much less likely that they will be able to stop for a pedestrian who steps or falls into traffic.

Pedestrians should follow rules of safety at all times in an effort to prevent being struck by a vehicle. While there’s no guarantee that an accident won’t happen, adhering to suggested guidelines greatly reduces the likelihood of being considered negligent in the event that an accident does occur. Some tips to follow are: When walking or jogging, stop at the end of every block and look in both directions before crossing the road.A majority of pedestrian fatalities occur at a crosswalk, so be observant. Wait for traffic to come to a complete stop before attempting to cross. Traffic fatalities are a risk to pedestrians. Don’t wear headphones or use your cell phone when approaching intersections and crosswalks. You must be alert to sounds like horns, shouts, sudden braking and accelerations, etc. Cell Phone Injuries While Walking are serious so use caution. Do not text while walking. The consequences of hitting a pedestrian while driving are serious and the dangers of walking while text messaging are just as serious. Be sure your vision isn’t compromised by sunglasses, visors, hats or hair covering your eyes. Be sober. Walking while impaired increases the odds of being injured as a pedestrian. Stay on the sidewalk. If no sidewalk is available, walk in the direction that allows you to face oncoming traffic.

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In the event that you are a pedestrian hit by a car or truck and suffer injuries, call The May Firm to schedule a free consultation. We will evaluate your case and determine if there is cause to initiate a claim. You might be able to recover damages for all accumulative lost wages, accumulative medical expenses, pain, suffering and any additional expenses. Pedestrian car accident injuries are serious and require dedicated time and effort from a qualified pedestrian injury attorney. The May Firm has offices in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Bakersfield & Fresno.

It’s important to take immediate steps to fully protect your rights. We will vigorously work on your behalf. There are no up-front fees. You’re only charged if and when we win your case. You can’t afford to hesitate when a driver’s negligence has caused you any form or amount of injury. Put our expertise in your corner. Contact The May Firm today for a free pedestrian accident case review. An experienced California pedestrian accident attorney will help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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