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Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach appeals to tourists and locals alike

The secret is out! Long Beach is a beautiful city to visit and live in. More and more people flock to Long Beach each year to enjoy the sandy beaches and exciting nightlife. Lots of great food doesn’t hurt tourism rates, either! Tourists can stay in a haunted ship hotel, ride the ferris wheel, and work on their tans.

Unfortunately, as Little Beach becomes more popular, it becomes more congested with traffic. This increase in motor vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) on the road no doubt has played a role in an increase in accidents. Motorcycle accidents are all too common in Long Beach. The motorcycle accident lawyers at The May Firm have become exasperated by the number of people who walk through our door and tell us that they or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle crash.

Motorcyclists are a common sight in Long Beach

Long Beach has really great weather most days out of the year. The temperature is warm and southern California is not known for frequent rainy days. This creates perfect riding weather for motorcyclists.

Also, Long Beach is a bustling city. With traffic comes increasing frustration and even road rage. Cars and trucks simply cannot move as easily through traffic and congested areas as motorcycles can. Motorcycles can split lanes when there is too much traffic and it’s certainly much easier to fit a motorcycle into a cramped parking space than it is to fit in a car. Motorcycles are a convenient means of transportation in a busy city like Long Beach!

Traffic in Long Beach can spell disaster for motorcyclists

It goes without saying that there are a lot of people in Long Beach. Cars and trucks often fill up the streets and getting from one North Long Beach to Westside (or frankly from any location in Long Beach to another) can be a little rough during rush hour. Motorcyclists are lucky – they’re compact enough to split lanes and can generally get ahead of most traffic build-up. However, they also can fall victim to serious injury in the event that another driver doesn’t see (or even ignores!) them.

Motorcyclists wear (or should wear!) leather to help protect them from the pavement in the event that they go down while riding. They’re also legally required to wear helmets to protect their head in the event of a motorcycle accident. However, this protection is nothing compared to the protection afforded by airbags, doors, and a roof. Motorcycle accidents are especially catastrophic because riders are vulnerable and exposed to serious harm.

Long Beach drivers are not especially “motorcycle friendly”

For whatever reason, drivers in Long Beach often change lanes without using turn signals and many times without adequately looking over their shoulders. If a driver changes lanes without looking in Long Beach, there is a very good chance that they could plow right into a motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are serious business because unlike car and truck drivers, a motorcycle rider isn’t shielded from the pavement, other vehicles, or other objects that could cause harm by doors and a roof.

In some cases, you might be sitting in traffic in and look around to see the driver of a BMW basically road raging at a motorcycle who is just trying to get around them. Sometimes, drivers in Long Beach will go out of their way to try to block passing motorcyclists with their vehicles. This aggressive move is really dangerous and frankly, pretty stupid.

The May Firm knows Long Beach motorcyclists – and we support you!

There are probably days where we all wish we were on a motorcycle, whether it’s to avoid sitting in traffic for an hour or to enjoy the beautiful weather that Long Beach has to offer. Unfortunately, there are some days where people seem to forget to look for motorcyclists and drive right into them. The May Firm doesn’t tolerate people who pretend that motorcyclists don’t exist or can’t be bothered to exercise a little care to make sure they don’t hurt someone.

Motorcycle accidents are becoming far too prevalent in Long Beach for our liking. The personal injury lawyers at The May Firm have handled more cases than we care to count involving a negligent or even reckless driver plowing into an innocent motorcyclist. That should never happen.

If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident in Long Beach, give The May Firm a call today. Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in going after the at-fault party who caused a motorcyclist to be hurt. We understand how serious motorcycle accidents are and strive to get our clients the compensation that they deserve.

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