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It is very important to hire an attorney that dedicates their practice to handling serious trucking accident cases. Here are a few things our attorneys’ take into consideration when litigating a trucking accident

  • Logbooks must be examined and preserved. Logbooks often show the driver/trucking company violated Federal laws regulating commercial driving operations
  • GPS and Blackbox data is critical. Blackbox data will show what driving inputs were applied by the operator prior to the impact.
  • A very thorough site inspection is critical, and should be done immediately. Our attorneys and investigators will personally examine the site. Looking for evidence, debris, tire marks, taking measurements. We will generally employ an accident reconstruction expert and/or a roadway design expert when investigating the cause of trucking accidents.

Trucking Accident Information and Statistics

  • In 2013, there were 30,057 fatal crashes on the Nation’s roadways, 3,806 (12.7%) of which involved at least one large truck or bus, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In addition, there were an estimated 5,657,000 nonfatal crashes, 385,000 (6.8%) of which involved at least one large truck or bus.
  • Accidents Involving large trucks or buses require the utmost legal scrutiny. Commercial truck drivers are paid to be on the road, making any accident they’re involved in a complicated legal matter at best. In the wake of a crash, any number of corporate entities will become involved, and it is in their best interest is to establish that the truck driver was not at fault.

What to do After a Crash

The moments after a crash can be just as, if not more dangerous, than the initial impact. A collision with a large vehicle can greatly obstruct the roadway, making bystanders and survivors less visible to other vehicles passing by. Blind spots on the road and variable weather conditions can add to existing hazards. If you’re able to determine your own safety after the crash, stay calm and attempt to verify that everyone else involved is also OK. Do not move injured persons if they are unable to move themselves, as you may exacerbate their injuries. If possible, wait a safe distance from the scene of the accident for help to arrive. As mentioned earlier, the scene of the collision may be unsafe: There are many reported examples of crash survivors being struck by other passing vehicles while waiting for first responders.

Establishing Fault

A crash with a large truck gets more than just the drivers of each vehicle legally involved. Depending on what caused the crash, other parties quickly become relevant to the potential case:

  • The truck may have another owner or be owned by a company. The driver’s insurance may be through said company, in which case their legal team may handle the details of the collision.
  • A mechanical failure of the truck may shift accountability to the manufacturer of the vehicle. Once of the most common malfunctions are the air brakes in a commercial truck.
  • The company that payed to have the trucker on the road may pursue legal action if a deadline is missed.
  • If loose cargo falling out of the vehicle caused a crash, the company that loaded the truck may assume some liability.

At any rate, each of the parties involved in these scenarios will have backing from their own insurance companies, all of which find it in their best interest to pay out the smallest settlement amount possible. They will also have their own legal representation. With so many variables at play, the benefit of proper legal representation is obvious. The May Firm will act as your liaison with these companies and fight to get you a proper settlement amount. We’ll deal with other parties’ insurance companies directly and hold them accountable to pay out the compensation you’re due.

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The attorneys at May Firm answer questions clients frequently ask about motor vehicle accidents and wrongful death claims in California.

Truck accidents are serious matters that put lives at risk. When there is an accident, both the driver and surrounding drivers are going to be in danger. Reducing this risk is vital, and you can do your part by understanding the common causes. When you know what is most likely to cause these accidents, you, as the driver, will be able to keep yourself and others safe. It is possible to do this and, for the most part, these causes are avoidable. Be wise and make an active effort to increase the safety of every person on the road.

Human Error

The most common cause, of course, is human error. Drivers are people, after all, and they make mistakes. While you may try your best and want to drive expertly, you are likely to mess up at some point. In order to reduce the risk of human error, you have to drive with your full focus on the road. Being a smart driver is the only way to reduce this risk, though it is not always easy. If you do put more effort and caution into how you drive, though, you will be able to keep the roads that much safer for yourself and every other person.

Road Conditions Can Cause Trucking Accidents

Conditions on the road due to poor road maintenance as well as the weather can be dangerous, too. These are out of your control, but you can make them more manageable, even if only slightly. By driving safely in these situations and setting your truck up with the proper equipment for various weather conditions, you can increase the chances of a safe drive. This does not always work, however, so you should be aware that there is always going to be a risk involved.

Your truck may be the cause of an accident, too. Sometimes, the equipment is not set up properly or maintained, or the load on the truck is not even or safe. While trucks are durable in general, they are sensitive to certain issues that can affect your ability to drive. If you fail to take control of the truck’s condition and load, you are going to end up dealing with serious damages to the truck along with the higher risk of an accident on the road.

There is the chance of serious injury or death when in a truck accident. As the driver, you are going to be put in harm’s way, but so will everyone else on the road. By understanding the common causes of truck accidents, it is possible to lower the risks associated with them.

Truck accidents can cause the injury or death of many people on the road. There are numerous risks and dangers involved here, and it is important that they are lowered as much as possible. Doing so is difficult, however, when not following federal rules and regulations, concerning things like drugs and time. By not following them, the chance of death or injury goes up. You must keep these rules and regulations in mind when you are a truck driver. By ignoring them, you put yourself and others at risk. This can cause serious injury or even death, and all through something that should have been avoided.

Federal Trucking Laws

There are many laws and rules that every driver must follow. Some are widely known, others not so much, but they are all important. When a driver ignores what the federal government says, they are not just putting their freedom on the line. With vehicles, you end up putting lives at risk, including your own. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are driving recklessly or without any concern for the lives on the road. For truck drivers, there are certain rules in place to ensure that there is total safety when on the road, as long as they are followed.

Rules and regulations for truck drivers cover things like the time allowed to drive. To use this example, if truck drivers are out working for extended periods, they are likely to become fatigued. When this happens, there is a much higher risk of an accident. This is dangerous and entirely avoidable, but some drivers fail to consider it themselves out of the desire or need to work. Federal law puts restrictions on what drivers can do in order to keep the roads safer for everyone. There are too many accidents already and it is important that they are minimized.

The federal government is continuing to add to what is already in place. As the number of accidents change and what is needed for truck drivers evolves, the federal government is going to continue to step up and add what is necessary for road safety. With the changing conditions and rules, it is imperative that drivers stay on top of what is required of them. This ensures that every driver is far more capable and that the roads are safer. It is possible to do this with the available information.

Avoiding a crash is one of the most important parts of being a driver in general, but even more so when you are a truck driver. These are large and dangerous vehicles that can cause a lot of damage to people and property. Know the common causes of crashes in order to lower the risk of getting into one. Some crashes, like those caused by human error, are entirely avoidable, but that is not always the case. Understanding the common causes will help you to approach truck driving more knowledgeably and carefully, ensuring that you and everyone else on the road are safer.

Federal law works to lower the risk of crashes, but only when it is followed. There are rules and regulations in place specifically for truck drivers, and you need to follow them when you are one. By ignoring them, you end up increasing the chances of an accident. When working for a company, they are normally going to try to force you to follow these rules and regulations. If a company does not make sure that their drivers are doing what they should, they are put at legal risk and may be held responsible for the drivers’ actions.

Truck Accident Injury Prevention

Common sense and general driver safety need to be kept in mind, too. After all, the truck driver is not always the only one responsible for an accident. Sometimes, several parties are involved. By taking extra precautions and putting care into every action, not moving without concern or without thought, it is possible to avoid these dangers and situations. This is something that every driver should be doing, obviously, but it is even more important for truck drivers because of the dangers involved with these vehicles and how much damage they can cause.

If you have recently been in a truck accident, there are a few things that you should prepare for before going through court. Whether you are the guilty party or the individual that was hit in the accident, going through the court system is a very stressful process, but understanding what to expect before ever stepping through the courtroom doors will help to alleviate this burden considerably. This article will give a brief overview of what to expect during your truck accident injury case.

Contacting the Insurance Company

The first step that is taken by your law firm will be to contact the defendant’s insurance company. The defendant’s insurance company is then provided with any hospital bills or bills associated with the accident itself. These may bills that are directly related to damaged property, health or any loss of wages due to the accident.

The Complaint or Lawsuit

If the insurance company refuses to cover the costs that are related to the accident, the case is then taken to court. A Summons is made to summon the defendant to the courtroom and the Complaint sets out the legal basis for your claim.

Bill of Particulars

The attorney that is working for the defendant then responds to the Complaint with an Answer. This answer can either states that the defendant takes full responsibility for the accident and any damages that were caused, or will then take the case further into the court. After the answer is given, the defendant’s attorney calls for a Bill of Particulars, in which the extent of the case is laid out.


After the case has been laid out, the discovery takes place in which your attorney will gather important pieces of information to help your case and exchanges these pieces of information with the courts. This is sometimes a very stressful part of the case for victims of truck accidents.

Finding A Date

After each side of the case has put forth any evidence they wish to call up in the courtroom, a date is chosen for the lawsuit to happen. On the date that is chosen, the judge will make a decision If the judge decides to give you compensation for the wreck and any damages caused, then you have won your case. If he decides to force you to pay (which is unlikely, but is always a small possibility) then you can further contest the case in a higher court of your attorney’s choosing.

A key area where trucking accidents differ from normal automobile accidents is the matter of who pays for compensation. In the event of an accident you have several different business and personal entities that can be held accountable. These can include the truck driver, the owner of the truck, the company or person that hired the truck for shipping, the manufacture of the truck in cases of mechanical failure, and the company that loaded the cargo if this was done incorrectly causing the accident.

Added to this complex listing of possibly responsible parties is the fact that each carries their own insurance. Often these various parties will argue amongst themselves over whose insurance should pay for an accident. In such situations an attorney is advisable to conclude who is at fault and who is responsible for your compensation.

If you’re ever involved in an automobile accident involving a commercial truck an experienced attorney is an absolute necessity. Trucking law is complex and establishing fault and who pays for compensation can be a very involved process. A skilled attorney can do the research needed to reconstruct events to paint an accurate picture of fault and show how you were wronged. Also given the many parties that can be held accountable an attorney also assures that (despite feuding insurance companies fighting over fault) that you get your legally entitled compensation.

Remember trucking accidents can be quite severe given the size and weight of commercial transport vehicles. They are often far more dangerous than normal automobile accidents. You are legally entitled to regain lost wages, hospital bills, payment for injuries, and other accident related events such as continuing medical care or damage to your career. Don’t wait if you’re ever injured contact an experienced and skilled attorney as soon as you are able to do so.

It does not matter whether you drive or own a truck, national government statistics suggests that over 25,000 people were involved in large truck crashes of which 697 were killed. Causes of truck accidents varied from truck drivers driving under the influence of intoxicants to brake failure. If you are involved in truck accident in California, you can stick to the following regulations as per the law. If you have been in a an accident you may wonder what to do after a truck accident. This article is intended to answer some of those questions.

1. Stop the Truck

In case of a truck or any auto accident, California law requires you to stop. If you don’t stop and drive away from the site of accident, you may be charged with hit and run if the accident happens to involve damage to a person or property. A hit and run may lead to criminal prosecution and the verdict can be severe. If you have damaged a car, you must look for the owner. If they are absent, you have to leave your name, address and an explanation in a noticeable place on or near the car.

2. Call for Help

If someone is injured by the accident, immediately contact the police and the California Highway Patrol. If you have been on the other end of the accident and feel that the driver responsible is guilty of violation of the Criminal Code- by driving under intoxication- call 911 and wait for the police. Tell the 911 operator what you need- an ambulance or fire engine or any other assistance.

3. Move Out of the Way

Try to move out of the way of traffic and move the vehicle to the side of the road. If this is not safe, use hazard lights and cones to mark the area of accident.

4. Information is Vital

Be sure to record every piece of information relevant to the accident. Names, addresses and contact details of passengers and witnesses are very important. Also note down the driver’s license number of the driver who might be responsible for the accident or may be driving the car damaged in the accident. But do not volunteer any information about who you think is to be blamed for the accident.

5. Report the Accident  and Call A Lawyer

You definitely have to report the accident. First contact the local police or the California Highway Patrol. Next, contact your insurance agent or company. Ask for their help in filling out forms and reports of the accident. After that, report to the the incident California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Of course, call a truck accident lawyer at The May Firm.

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As a state with both a robust agricultural output and large metropolitan areas, California relies heavily on its roadways to ship goods throughout its counties and beyond. Large trucks and commercial shipping are an integral part of the economy, and we rely on the services provided by CDL certified drivers.

The best advice our firm can give you is to always seek legal help if you find yourself involved in any type of automotive accident, and this is especially true if a truck is involved. Truck drivers are typically insured and protected by the companies they represent, and those companies’ best interest is to prove their employee was not at fault. Other parties can quickly become involved on behalf of the driver such as the manufacturer of the truck, or the company who is paying to have goods shipped.

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We’ll use our extensive knowledge of California vehicle code and draw from our experience with past cases to ensure you receiver proper settlement. We know a crash can mean much more than property damage, so we factor every facet of your recovery into the settlement process. Our lawyers will fight to get you wage reimbursement for missed work, finances to cover medical bills and ongoing recovery, and reimbursement for pain and suffering, to name a few.

We work on a contingency fee, and partner with medical providers in the community that work on a lien basis to get you the medical help you need as soon as possible. This means that our fees and the medical services provided are all factored into your settlement payout, allowing you to give your full focus to your recovery. The ramifications caused by an accident with a large truck can be severe. Get the peace of mind you need by putting The May Firm on your side, and let our family help your family by handling all the delicate logistics of your case. At The May Firm, our goal is to help you get the resources you need to get your life back to normal.

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