Common Summertime Injuries

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How to Calculate Pain and Suffering

How to Calculate Pain and Suffering A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will help you determine the dollar value of your pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is defined as both the physical pain you endured due to your injuries, as well as any mental or emotional pain you experienced due to the accident. As you […]

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POSTED IN Slip and Fall Accidents ON April 27, 2017

I Had a Slip and Fall Accident; What Do I Do Next?

Slip and fall accidents can occur just about anywhere. Slip and fall accident lawsuits typically stem from instances of a person slipping and falling in a public space, such as a grocery store, a mall, a park, or even on a sidewalk or parking lot. The common theme running among these cases is that the […]

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What Does ‘Personal Injury’ Mean?

A personal injury is defined as a physical injury to a person’s body; it does not include “injuries” — or damage — to your property or reputation. In a personal injury case, there is the injured party and the person responsible for the injury. Most personal injury lawyers actively handle a variety of personal injury […]

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POSTED IN Slip and Fall Accidents ON February 14, 2017

Slip and Fall Accidents are No Laughing Matter

Thanks to YouTube and viral videos, we can be entertained by watching people fall down over and over again. While it’s true that many slip and falls result in not much more than embarrassment, there is a potential for serious injury. Head and spinal cord injuries, fractures, shoulder, back and neck injuries can seriously impact your […]

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POSTED IN Slip and Fall Accidents ON August 02, 2016

Fresno Slip and Fall Accidents And Proving Liability

FRESNO SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS Injuries resulting from Fresno slip and fall accidents can be significant, and can result in serious injury, thousands of dollars in medical bills and time away from work. Slip and fall accident cases can occur in a variety of settings, such as commercial, residential or government buildings, and caused by […]

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Cal Poly Student Dies in Stairwell Collapse

A masters student at Cal Poly has recently been identified as the victim who died when a stairway three-stories high collapsed at a Folsom apartment complex. According to KSBY, Shun XIang Yuan, 27, of San Francisco was on a trip with friends when he decided to visit a friend at legends at willow creek apartment […]

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