3 Reasons you should you seek legal help after a car accident

Posted On September 13, 2018 by Cameron May

If you've recently been injured in a car accident, you're probably scared and confused right now and wondering where to go from here. If you're wondering if a personal injury attorney will be able to help you recover expenses for the damages to your car or your person, read on to learn about the types of injuries and instances an attorney can help you with.

1. The accident was not your fault.

If you were in a car accident that wasn't your fault, you absolutely have a case to approach a car accident attorney with. You were minding your own business and driving to your destination when a negligent driver caused an accident resulting in your injury.

You should definitely call a personal injury lawyer to discuss how you can get compensation for your vehicle's damages and your medical expenses.

2. You've suffered from a serious injury.

If your injury has affected or inhibited your ability to work, you should contact a personal injury attorney. When you're injured so badly that it disrupts your life and your ability to earn a living, you could be entitled to back wages and compensation until you're able to return to work.

In addition, you may also be eligible for compensation to cover vehicle damages and medical expenses. Working with an attorney can help you to get much more compensation than you could get on your own.

3. The insurance company is refusing to pay.

If you've suffered from an injury due to a car accident that clearly was not your fault, but the other party's insurance company is refusing to pay for damages, it's time to consult an attorney. A personal injury attorney is here to assist you during your time of need after a bad injury, and can help fight the insurance company to get what you deserve.

Insurance companies have big legal teams and shovel out the big bucks for litigation, and they don't always play fair. If an insurance company is refusing to pay, disputing liability, or not offering what you believe you're entitled to, reach out to a personal injury lawyer to have them take a look at your case.

Chances are, your lawyer will be able to fight for you to receive the compensation and assistance you deserve after your accident to help you get through your injury and back to living your life.

If you've been hurt in an accident, call The May Firm. We'd be happy to sit and chat with you about your case.

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