Were You Involved in a Bus Accident? 3 Steps You Need to Take Now

Posted On March 22, 2018 by Cameron May

Were You Involved in a Bus Accident? 3 Steps You Need to Take Now

Bus accidents can be more serious than your everyday car accident because of the size of the vehicle and the number of passengers riding on it. If you've been injured in a bus accident, here are three steps you need to take immediately.

1. Seek medical attention.

As soon as you are able to get off the bus, make sure you seek medical attention right away. Even if you feel like you are fine, bus accidents can lead to serious underlying injuries that you may not notice. In the event of a bus accident, it's likely that emergency personnel will be called to the scene and EMTs will be onsite checking passengers. If this is not the case, be sure to get yourself to a doctor or hospital as soon as you've been cleared to leave the scene of the accident.

2. Keep a record.

Be sure to talk to others that were on the bus to get their accounts as well. Talking to other witnesses that corroborate your account of the events can strengthen your argument that you deserve a settlement.

It's a smart idea to keep a record of your injuries and what everyone says happened to cause the accident. Write down anything you can on a piece of paper or on a note in your smartphone--whatever you happen to have or find. Having all of this information can help your case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

3. Talk to a personal injury attorney.

Regardless of if the accident was the fault of the bus driver or another driver, you are a passenger of a public transportation vehicle, and it certainly was not your fault. Because of this, accidents involving buses and other forms of public transportation tend to be relatively straightforward.

However, a professional driver works for a company and is likely to have hefty insurance coverage and a team of attorneys on their side. Dealing with the bus driver's insurance company can become a nightmare all its own, even after you've been involved in a bus accident.

Working with a personal injury attorney like one at The May Firm is a great way to deal with the bus driver's insurance company without adding even more stress to your life. Deliberating with insurance companies is our job, and we're happy to do it to get you the settlement you deserve. Contact The May Firm today to start getting back to your regular life after your bus accident.

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