How to Find out if Someone has Car Insurance

Posted On July 31, 2017 by Cameron May

How to Find out if Someone has Car Insurance

Getting into a car accident is stressful all on its own, but getting into a car accident that wasn't your fault when the other party has no auto insurance is even worse. When you file an accident report, the reporting police officer will include both parties' insurance information on the report and give each party involved a copy.

However, during a hit and run, or if you didn't involve the police, how can you find out if the other party involved has car insurance?

First of all, we don't recommend leaving the scene of an accident without calling the police to file an accident report. It can be difficult to win a case this way, and can actually backfire on you if the other party tries to file a claim against you for damage even when the accident was their fault. Any car accident attorney will tell you that it's always a good idea to file an accident report, even if there was little to no damage.

If you've been involved in a hit and run, try your best to get their license plate number and the make and model of the car. Put a note on your phone, memorize it, or write it down when you get a chance. Then, call the police to file a report on a hit and run. If you have the license plate number, the police will be able to search for the car that hit you and track down their insurance information.

Another way to find out if a car has insurance is to stop by your local DMV. If you have the license plate number and a valid reason for the request (like a hit and run situation), the DMV can provide you with insurance information for the driver. Keep in mind that the DMV can deny your request if you provide them with false information.

It might also be possible to reach out to the driver's insurance company. This may be necessary if the driver at fault has disappeared and you have their insurance company information, but need to find out more about what types of coverage they have, and if you'll be able to get the damages to your own vehicle covered.

If you've been involved in a hit and run accident and are trying to file a claim, contact a car accident attorney to help you get the compensation and damages you deserve. Our car accident attorney at The May Firm would be happy to have a consultation with you to determine our plan of action for getting your vehicle fixed, and finding the party responsible.


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