Many studies have analyzed the distractions when driving, but according to a recent article published in The Washington Post, they found studies of distracted pedestrians. The study showed a large percentage of the people who reported to emergency rooms with injuries related to distracted walking, most of which were reportedly women under 40. Nearly 80 percent of injuries were the result of falls, and 9 percent of those who suffered injuries simply walked into something with enough force to hurt themselves. 25% of injuries were broken bones or dislocations, 24% sprains or strains, 23% with concussions or contusions.

The number of people who died because of unintentional injuries in 2013 was 130,800, an increase of 2.4 percent from the previous year; additionally those who died in 2013, about 39 million people received medical attention for injuries, the report said. The economic impact of the deaths and nonfatal, unintentional injuries was calculated to be $820.6 billion.

Distracted-walking injuries are not only relevant with younger people: 42 percent of the injured were younger than 30, but there was a healthy representation of victims from older generations.

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