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Brain Injury Lawyers In Bakersfield

Traumatic brain injuries impact at least 1.7 million Americans every year, and a large percentage of these individuals end up needing hospitalization and long-term care. Also known as a TBI, these personal injuries can be sustained in a diverse list of ways, including a car accident.

If someone else’s negligent action or in action has caused your traumatic brain injury, it is important to know that California law enables you to take legal action. After an accident, contact an award winning Bakersfield brain injury lawyer at The May Firm.

Bakersfield is the largest city in Kern County, and it is the ninth most populous place in California with approximately 500,000 residents. This brings a lot of traffic through the area, which makes everyone more likely to end up dealing with a serious automobile accident.

Sadly, some of these traffic incidents will lead to a TBI, and this can make life much more difficult for the victim. Issues such as memory gaps and depression are common with traumatic brain injuries, and these individuals are much more likely to be unemployed as a result.

Turn to an Award-Winning Bakersfield Brain Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured, you deserve the very best legal representation. The May Firm has a proven history of winning cases like yours, and we have been honored numerous times with awards from the local legal industry.

Our in court and out of court work has led to millions in combined damages for our previous clients, and some cases have been settled for $1 million or more. We vow to use the same proven techniques for your case to help you get a fair settlement.

Receive the Respect You Deserve

At The May Firm, you will never be treated like you are just a number. Instead, our entire team will treat you and your family with compassion, respect and kindness at all times. At the same time, we will tirelessly fight for your legal rights and pursue a positive settlement for your case. With our team on your side, you can rest assured that every possible step will be taken to help you win your traumatic brain injury lawsuit.

Start with a Free Brain Injury Case Consultation

Are you interested in taking legal action against the negligent individual or entity that caused your TBI? Contact The May Firm to begin the process with a free, no obligation consultation. We will review your case with you and answer any questions you have during this process.

If you decide to retain our legal services, we will never charge you anything unless we secure a settlement for your case. Our Bakersfield office is in the heart of the downtown area on California Avenue, and we work with clients throughout the San Joaquin Valley and the entire Central Coast.

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