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Personal Injury: Loss Of Enjoyment Of Life

May 25, 2015 Auto Accident, Injury, Lawyers, Personal Injury, Personal Injury Claims Robert May 3,452 Views No Comments

The legal lingo used during a personal injury lawsuit confuses many people. Even when you know the vernacular meaning of a term, you may not fully understand what that same term means in a legal setting. A personal injury term that often causes confusion is “loss of enjoyment of life.” What Is Loss Of Enjoyment Of Life? Loss of enjoyment of life results from physical and/or mental impairments and limitations caused by a personal injury that affect one’s ability to participate in activities that gave the person pleasure before the personal injury occurred. These activities may include quality time with family, recreational activities, hobbies, enjoyable paid work, volunteer work, and other avocations. Catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other spinal cord injuries certainly result in…

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Automobile Accidents: The Most Common Type Of Personal Injury Cases

May 18, 2015 Auto Accident, California Injury Lawyer, Lawyers, Motorcycle Accident Robert May 3,209 Views No Comments

It has been an American tradition for decades. Teenagers impatiently counting down the days until they can get their first driver’s license! Driving gives a young person a sense of freedom and excitement. Even as adults, a leisurely drive through the beautiful countryside is a favorite way to rejuvenate after a hectic work week in the city. Scenic highways, like California’s Highway 1 that hugs the Pacific coastline, are driven for sheer pleasure by millions of people each year. However, as relaxing and enjoyable as driving can be, it can also be a dangerous activity, especially on the congested crazy roads of southern California! According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately fifty-two percent of all personal injury cases in the United States involve damages received during automobile…

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What To Expect From a Personal Injury Settlement

May 16, 2015 Lawyers, Personal Injury, Personal Injury Claims Robert May 3,341 Views No Comments

What Is a ? A personal injury settlement is reached when the plaintiff agrees in writing to permanently drop their legal case against the defendant in exchange for financial compensation from the defendant, the terms of which are also spelled out in writing. There may be other stipulations in the written agreement as well, such as not being able to talk about the particulars of the case publicly. How Many Personal Injury Cases Actually Go To Trial? According to the online edition of Black’s Law Dictionary (second edition), only four to five percent of all personal injury cases in the United States actually go to trial. This means that in the vast majority of personal injury cases, the case is settled before trial. These statistics are tabulated from…

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