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California Injury Lawyers | The May Firm

California Personal Injury Lawyers – The May Firm

California Personal Injury LawyersThe May Firm only handles personal injury cases, nothing else. This kind of focus gives them an edge on other law firms that claim to be experts in numerous ares of the law and our track records proves this. The May Firm has won multiple millions of dollars on behalf of their clients. In fact, they have such an impressive record and so many satisfied clients, the majority of their new clients are referrals from previous clients and from other attorneys. The May Firm is known for fighting tirelessly for their clients while simultaneously removing as much of the burden off their clients’ shoulders as possible. This gives their clients the freedom to focus on healing from their injuries and work through emotional trauma without having to worry about their legal battle. The May Firm has a reputation for taking on difficult cases that other firms won’t accept.

The May Firm was founded by Robert May, who has distinguished himself as a “2013 Top Attorney” and a “Rising Star” in California, as recognized by Los Angeles Magazine. Robert has also been named a “Multi-Million Dollar Advocate,” a prestigious award given to less than 1% of all U.S. attorneys, and only to those who have won settlements or verdicts that exceed two million dollars on behalf of their clients.

Equally important to his stellar track record, Robert serves the central coastal region of California with a strong sense of pride and honor. With his purpose driven life, he considers it a privilege to serve the community where he grew up. It is no wonder that the May Firm has received the prestigious perfect 10 rating on the Avvo.com lawyer directory. This sterling rating is backed up by multiple glowing reviews by previous clients.

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The May Firm | Who We Are

Why The May Firm | Who We Are

When asked about why he chose to start his own law firm, Robert answered:

“I wanted to create something I was passionate about. I wanted to bring something new and exciting into the community where I grew up… where I still have family and many friends. I wanted to build a law firm that provided personal service to our clients… where we really get to know them and personally care about them, like my Dad did with his customers. I wanted to be able to fight for people that can’t fight for themselves… help them navigate through a complicated and difficult system, where the cards would be stacked against them if they were not represented by an attorney who was willing to go all out to help them.”

Attorney Garrett May manages both the Santa Barbara and Ventura offices and consistently receives outstanding reviews from clients.

Younger brother, Cameron May, also works in the May Firm as the senior case manager. The May brothers come from a hard-working blue-collar family going back four generations on the Central California Coast. They love the opportunity to work together, play together, and raise their families in the same community.

In a recent interview, Robert talked about working with his brothers:

“It is a truly wonderful thing to be able to work with my brothers in the May Firm. I feel blessed.”

The May Firm has several other secret weapons that help them win so many cases for their clients:

When Robert May first started his own law firm seven years ago, he had a definite vision:

“I wanted to create a warm, respectful work environment where everyone feels empowered and appreciated. I wanted the office to feel like family and I wanted people to love coming to work every day.”

As a result, the May Firm staff is very close-knit and often spends time together on weekends and take vacations together. Moreover, the May Firm team works as a cohesive and efficient unit in the office.The closeness of the May Firm’s legal team and their ability to work so harmoniously together has paid dividends to their clients many times over!

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Injury Clients of The May Firm

Each client’s case is handled with the utmost attention to detail. Every effort is made to ensure their clients receive maximum compensation under the law. At the same time, Robert, Garrett, and the entire May Firm team make sure their clients’ immediate needs are taken care of while the case is ongoing.

When someone suffers a personal injury, they are at their most vulnerable. It is a time when they need help the most but insurance companies and others will often try to take advantage of their vulnerable state. The May Firm serves as a powerful advocate for injured persons and their families. The firm shields injured parties from those who would otherwise take advantage of them. The entire team works together to make sure each client is well taken care of so they don’t have to worry about the legal end of things in their time of crisis.

The May Firm legal team makes sure their clients get the medical attention they need even if they don’t have insurance or a way to pay for it out of pocket. They also conduct extensive detective work, double-check and cross-check facts, find new witnesses, pull in experts if needed, and make sure to interview witnesses while the event is still fresh on their mind. Even when there are errors on a police report, the May Firm staff has a knack for getting to the bottom of those errors and correcting them so it doesn’t harm the case.

Spanish Speak Lawyers at The May Firm

Most law firms must use a translator to communicate with their Spanish-speaking clients. Unfortunately, important nuances of a case may be lost in the translation. At the May Firm, a translator is not needed as Garrett May is fluent in Spanish and can speak directly and in depth with native Spanish-speaking clients about their case. Garrett was immersed in Spanish while on a humanitarian mission in Mexico and enjoys practicing his Spanish skills with the May Firm’s Spanish-speaking clients.

It is imperative to hire an attorney who can develop a deep and very thorough understanding of your case. Both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking clients on the Central Coast can rest assured that the May Firm Team will understand every word and will take the time to really get to the bottom of every detail. It is easy to truly respect what these guys do day in and day out for their clients. Without their dedication, their clients’ lives would be very different.

The May Firm | Our Message

We treat each and every client that walks through the May Firm door like family. If you have been injured, even if you don’t know for sure if you have a case, come in for an initial consultation, completely free of charge. You will be treated like you are our sister or brother, mother or father, or daughter or son. Once you meet us, we know you will immediately recognize you are in are in good hands. It is our honor to help you in every way we can. There is no other law firm that will fight harder on your behalf.

Please click here to learn more about the May Firm and the remarkable people behind it.

The May Firm has some general suggestions for those who have suffered personal injuries:

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Traffic Accident Injury Attorneys | The May Firm

Car Accident Injury Lawyers

If you are involved in a traffic accident, it is imperative that you call 9-1-1 to initiate a police report as this will be an important document in your personal injury case. Also, under no circumstances should you talk to a representative of an insurance company. Not even your own insurance company. Consult with a car accident attorney before you speak to anyone. In hit and run cases, many people make the mistake of calling their own insurance company to “let them handle it.” This is a mistake. Many times, due to the initial conversation with your own insurance company, something you say will change the outcome of your case. For example, your injuries, medical expenses, property damage, and other damages such as pain and suffering will be covered under the non-insured motorist clause of your insurance policy. This means your own insurance company is NOT your advocate. Instead, their goal will be to try to get you verbally say something or write something that could help them not pay out a claim or get away with paying less than they should.

While most people do not think to do so, it is a wise idea to keep the number of an auto accident attorney in your glove box. We hope you will consider keeping our phone number there. If there’s time, you can give the traffic accident attorney a quick call before the officers arrive on the scene. Remember again, insurance companies are known to try every trick in the book to try not to pay out what they should. Do you not speak to them, email them, or otherwise communicate with them until you have hired a traffic accident attorney.

Another important issue is what you do and say about your own physical injuries right after an accident:

First, you should know that your adrenaline will likely be surging right after a traffic accident. Mother Nature has built into the adrenaline system a mechanism for temporarily blocking pain. In a fight or flight situation, this can give you a chance to run away before your pain comes back. However, in the immediate aftermath of a traffic accident, this temporary blockage of pain can potentially lull you into believing you have no injuries when in fact you do. For example, you may have a head trauma that does not hurt at first but may turn into a life threatening situation a few hours later. Therefore, it is extremely important that you go to the emergency room and get checked out for any potential injuries as soon as possible.

Second, if the police officer or anyone else asks you something like, “Are you okay?” or “Are you hurt?” you should honestly tell them that you don’t know and that you plan to go to the emergency room as soon as possible. You could potentially even tell them you feel a little too shaky to self-evaluate yourself and that you feel you need to have qualified medical professionals check you out for injuries. This is important because any statement that you make about being “okay” or “feeling fine” may hurt your personal injury case later on if it does turn out you have injuries.

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 Product Defect | Product Liability Banner

Product Liability – Product Defects

If you or a family member is injured by a defective product, always consult a product liability attorney first. The last thing you should do is contact any company associated with the product. You could seriously damage your chances of being fairly compensated by making just one phone call, sending one email, or writing one letter. So, be very careful about what you say or do before you hire a product liability attorney.

Product liability cases tend to be very complicated and there is no reasonable way a person can adequately represent themselves in such a case. For example, some traffic accident cases may also include a product liability case. If you are hit by a drunk driver but your seat belt doesn’t protect you properly during the accident or your air bag does not deploy properly, you may have a case against the drunk driver and the seat belt manufacturer and/or the air bag manufacturer. You may also have a case against the company that sold you the vehicle with the defective parts or the distributor who sold the defective parts to the car manufacturer. Only an experienced product liability attorney can sort through all the intricate details of such a case and determine the best strategy for collecting compensation.

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 Common Accident Injury Claims Banner

Common Accident Injury Claims

Personal injuries come in many forms. You or a loved one could be hit by a car while crossing the street on foot. You or a loved one could be hit by a truck while riding your bike to work. If you ride a motorcycle, you may encounter a strange form of road rage against motorcyclists and be injured during the encounter.

As an avid jogger, bicyclist, and motorcyclist, Robert May has first-hand experience with the potential road hazards one faces while engaging in these activities. He is well aware of the carelessness often shown by vehicular drivers with whom you must share the road. This gives him special insight into handling these types of cases.

There are many other types of personal injuries too. Here are a few examples:

You or your child may get mauled in the face by a malicious and unattended dog. In fact, it may interest you to know that approximately 60 percent of all dog bite attacks occur on children and the face is the most frequent target of the attack. This can leave your child physically and emotionally scarred for life if you do not get the right type of help right away. The May Firm are strong advocates for the victims of dog bites and will do everything possible to get you a fair settlement and the medical attention, and potentially psychological attention, you or your loved one needs immediately. Please do not hesitate if the dog who bit your or your child is a friend’s dog. If you need to be compensated, you should follow through with it. Home owner’s insurance or business owner insurance will usually cover the damages due to dog bites if they occur on the owner’s property.

Slip and fall injuries are also common personal injury suits. You may fall on public property due to a bad crack in the sidewalk that should have been fixed several months prior. The governmental entity that is responsible for the repair can be held accountable. If your child injures herself on a faulty city skateboard park, you may be able to hold accountable the city, and potentially the developer of the skateboard park. If you walk into a restaurant and you slip and fall because there is a building code violation in the entryway, you can hold the restaurant owner responsible for the injuries you sustain.

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We Fight Insurance Companies

We Fight Insurance Companies | We Do it For You!

Insurance companies will try every trick in the book to avoid paying you a fair compensation for your injuries and losses. They’ll talk sweet and nice and act like they truly care about you in order to lull you into believing they are on your side. All the while, their covert mission is to find a way, any way, to get you to say something or sign something that will allow them not to pay what they rightly should. This is why you should never ever talk with an insurance representative. Instead, you need a savvy personal injury lawyer representing you.

Insurance companies know if you’ve been in an accident or suffered another form of personal injury, you’re probably not thinking straight. They often take advantage of this fact and try to get you to make personal statements to them that could give them an opportunity to avoid paying out a claim or paying out only a tiny percentage of what they really should pay out.

California Personal Injury Attorneys | Contact The May Firm



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